Santo Spirito Projections


  In 1980 artist Mario Mariotti invited citizen involvement in a project called Piazza della Patta, involving projections of images onto the fašade of the Santo Spirito church. The response resulted in some impressively quirky, monumental and politically-charged images, projected onto the church during nights of music, dance, poetry and theatre. The Ricchi cafe and shop in the Piazza Santo Spirito has walls full of these designs and sells postcards - four of which I've scanned in here - fridge magnets, and such. And it still has copies of the book of the original event (see cover left) which is chock full of images, as well as some background, mostly in the form of pretentious flannel. It was a unique project, not least because the rest of Florence's churches have either elaborate marble fašades or are faced with unfinished rough brickwork, some of the latter having had competitions run to provide designs which were never built, but some of which were used as projections here.

Thanks to Lisa McGarry for the bottom four scans, including the winner of the original competition, the rail tracks image, bottom left.





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